Therapy and Counselling for Anxiety Depression and Stress

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Lets get serious about Mental Health


Helping Teens, Adults and Parents recover from Stress, Anxiety Depression.


Rediscover Yourself and be free to live an extraordinary life.

Do you feel no one understands you?

People do not understand your problem and this can make you feel stuck and isolated.

I help Depressed or anxious clients face to face in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk or nationally and internationally via Zoom.

 Imagine being free of Stress, Anxiety or Depression and going on to be a success in many areas of your life without dark or suicidal thoughts.

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Help to remove Depression Anxiety and Suicidal Thoughts


Piers Day - Working with You for a positive future.


My journey into the therapy, counselling and hypnosis world, following a successful career in Property, started when I lost my third friend to suicide. I wanted to understand how someone could get so low that they could take their life.

Over the past 25 years, having extensively studied Mental Health, Coaching, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, EMDR and Tapping, I draw on a broad range of  techniques to help people from ages between 7 to 92.

By working with Doctors, Consultants and Management, I positively  step in where other organisations can't help. This gives a huge advantage in providing scope to help people in all walks of life and at any age.

I work with people both face to face in Suffolk and on zoom for further a field National clients and International clients.

Zoom provides flexibility across time zones and eliminates travel for those on tight schedules and produces the same results as working in person.

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"Working with Piers has changed my life. My past was not a happy one with issues from my childhood and I am now free and enjoying what I thought was impossible!"

- M M

"I know I can deal with anything that happens - thank you - I will recommend you to all my friends"

- B T

"Two months ago I was close to ending my life - Piers has turned me round - thank you dear man!"

- C J
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How I can help you.

My work is so varied. Here are just a few of ways I can help.

Fears and Phobias - Panic Attacks - Coaching for better performance - Depression - Anxiety - Confidence - Self Esteem - Self Belief

Yes please - call me

Depression - Anxiety - Fear

The three most common reasons people seek me out. I have developed a program to help remove these horrible afflictions that seem plague modern society.

Over the years I have seen pretty well all reasons for anxiety, depression, overwhelm, Trauma and help them get their lives back. Some quicker and some a little longer however my work leaves no stone unturned with children from the age of 8 and as old as 92 - this system has been tested and improved over the years and has changed countless lives.

Some have issues and anxieties,  especially in Teenagers, which can result in suicidal thoughts, self harming or even eating issues - all of these I have helped people through and I just love keeping in touch with them to ensure they are living good, calm and productive lives.

A number of people come for a half yearly or yearly l MOT (Mindset Overhaul Treatment) which is a simple way to make sure that they never have to go back to the dark old days. It is like a car - keep the engine in good condition and you will get effortless life out of the vehicle.

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Recover from Burnout Stress, Anxiety or being signed off Work, School or College

In 2022 according to the HR Magasine in the UK some 17 millions days were lost Mental Health and this is climbing year upon year. This creates stress in the workplace for teams as people have extra work to do to keep up. I costs £Millions in lost revenue and according to some press I have read is solely responsible for the demise of many small companies.

How would it be if you could Stop this. I work with small to medium size companies helping to get individuals through their mental health issues and back to work thereby feeling positive and confident in there work knowing they are giving 100% to both their co-workers but also to their families.

Business People - chose one of two plans to help you get back to work.

Red Route.

One to one sessions on Zoom or in person in Suffolk over a 6 week period where we get through the issues be it personal anxiety, grief, depression or other issues with most returning to work within that time without taking any new medication - and equip them with tools to help them continue being calm and free.


Golden Route.

This two day intensive break through which removes limiting beliefs, pressures, anxieties and depressive thoughts - two days of working solely with me braking through the blocks and issues that cause so many problems in people's lives. We look at values and why you act in different ways and realign them to work for you and help you in your career, family life and your future.


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Teenage and Student Depression and Suicidal thoughts.

Sadly in a recent survey showed that 37% of Students suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. 

This results in some missing out on vital education and others crashing out of University and college. This not only effects their future but also puts a strain on families who might have to leave work to look after them.

Working either in Bury St Edmunds or on zoom I have helped many recover and get back to leading normal lives. Those in really dark places re helped and see a god future for themselves - working with the individuals I can quickly turn them round removing that horrible feeling inside and giving them hope for the future with all the tools they need to keep going.



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