General Hypnotherapy

Work with me in one of my three clinics in Suffolk, Croasdales Chemists in Bury St Edmunds, Woolpit Complementary and the Doctors Surgery in Red Lodge - I help with depression, anxiety and fear usually clearing depression and anxiety in 3-4 sessions. Stop Smoking is achieved one two hour session and Shift My Weight a three session program  eneabling people to live healthier, calmer and happier lives.

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3 week program

Unlike anything I have offered before - this three session program is proving to be so successful that people are talking about it and recommending their friends. It is not a diet. I remove the feeling that makes you want to over eat and change your eating habits - therefore you will be eating healthily, no sugars and smaller portions. Over the three weekly sessions you will change how you think and you can start getting thinner.

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In pain from an old injury or medical condition where you don't need pain to remind you that you have a problem? There is a way to have that old pain message completely removed - for good.

This is an opportunity you really need to take. What do you have to lose but that old pain! Typically in one session.


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Therapist Training, Coaching, Mentoring

Live training with Piers Day on specialist subjects in The UK and other countries.

Kinetic Shift with Piers Day and Dr Mark Chambers.

Two recent courses were sold out well before the event. One in Cambridge and then at The Royal College of GP's in London. New courses coming soon. Email Piers for details.

Fast and Instant Inductions.

Coaching program.



The Business of Therapy


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