Lets get serious about Mental Health


Hypnotherapy to help Anxiety, Depression, Dark Thoughts and to Change Old Habits.


Rediscover Yourself and be free of Anxiety, Stress and Depression.

Do you feel no one understands you?

Most people do not understand your problem and this can make you feel stuck and isolated.

I see people in person in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk or if further way or abroad via Zoom.


Imagine being free of these problems in 4- weeks and going on to be a success in many areas of your life.

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I am Piers Day

I came into the therapy counselling and hypnosis world from a successful career in Property back in the mid 1990's

I had previously lost 3 friends to suicide and wanted to know how someone could get so low that they can take their life.

Over the past 25 or so years I have studied in many different areas of Mental Health, coaching, counselling, hypnotherapy, EMDR, Tapping to name a few and have been helping people from ages between 7 and 92.

This rewarding work gives me huge satisfaction to see clients having amazing lives once they have removed thiner problems.

I keep myself up to date with many of the modern techniques by travelling worldwide to learn from the best and work with Doctors, Consultants and Managements who recommend me when other organisations cannot help.This gives a huge advantage as I have many ways to help people in all walks of life and at any age.

Presently I work with people either face to face in Suffolk or on zoom in other areas/countries.

Zoom - works well just as well as being in the same room so I can transform lives quickly whether they are anxious, or depressed in their teens or mid 90's wherever they are in the world - all you need is a good internet connection.

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"Working with Piers has changed my life. My past was not a happy one with issues from my childhood and I am now free and enjoying what I thought was impossible!"

- M M

"I know I can deal with anything that happens - thank you - I will recommend you to all my friends"

- B T

"Two months ago I was close to ending my life - Piers has turned me round - thank you dear man!"

- C J

How I can help you.

The work I do is so varied. Here are just a few of ways I can help.

Fears and Phobias - Panic Attacks - Coaching for better performance - Depression - Anxiety - Confidence - Self Esteem - Self Belief

Yes please - call me

Depression - Anxiety - Fear

The three most common reasons people seek me out. Over 20 years I have developed a program to help remove these horrible afflictions that seem plague modern society.

Having helped many hundred of people over the past 20 or so years, I have a 6 week program to help remove depression and give people their lives back.

Some quicker and some a little longer however this 6 week program leaves no stone unturned and I have worked with children from the age of 8 and as old as 92 - this system has been tested and improved over the years and has changed countless lives.

Some have issues and anxieties,  especially in Teenagers, which can result in suicidal thoughts, self harming or even eating issues - all of these I have helped people through and I just love keeping in touch with them to ensure they are living good, calm and productive lives. Most like to come for a 6 monthly MOT (Mindset Overhaul Treatment) which is a simple way to make sure that they never have to go back to the dark old days. It is like a car - keep the engine in good condition and you will get effortless life out of the vehicle.

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