Exam Stress

I saw this earlier in the newspapers about exam preparation and exam stress. It is pretty self-explanatory and something I have been going on about for quite a while.


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Revision is on every students mind - 4 top tips.

At this time of year exams are looming and many students are thinking that they do not have enough hours in the day to revise.

I have been researching the revision mindset for a while and come up with a few golden rules for revision. Obviously, there is no 'one size fits all' however the basics are the same - prepare early - the more you do as you go through the course the easier the revision becomes and you are more likely to succeed.

Simple things to follow: 

1. Simple revision cards - make these are you go through the course and keep refining them. It is easier to keep reading a few things written on a card than pages and pages of text. The cards are a constant reminder of the text.

2. Prepare for notes well. Too many students rush their notes and they look a mess - you are the one who will be reading them so take a little extra care in preparing them. Put in extra little bits of detail and diagrams that will make learning easier (detail can be the difference of a...

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