Therapy and Counselling for Anxiety Depression and Stress

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Helping Business people recover from Stress, Anxiety and being signed off work .

In 2022 according to the HR Magasine in the UK some 17 millions days were lost Mental Health and this is climbing year upon year. This creates stress in the workplace for teams as people have extra work to do to keep up. I costs £Millions in lost revenue and according to some press I have read is solely responsible for the demise of many small companies.

How would it be if you could Stip this. I work with small to medium size companies helping to get individuals through their mental health issues and back to work thereby feeling positive and confident in there work knowing they are giving 100% to both their co-workers but also to their families.

I have two plans to help get people back to work.


Red Route.

A series of one to one sessions on  Zoom or in person in Suffolk where over a 6 week period we get through the issues be it personal, grief, relationship issues, depression, feel bad  or other issues with most returning to work within that time without taking any new medication - and equip them with tools to help them continue being calm and free.

Just £800 to get you back to work.


Golden Route.

This two day intensive break through will remove limiting beliefs, pressures, anxieties and depressive thoughts - two days of working solely with me braking through the blocks and issues that cause so many problems in people's lives.

We look at values and why you act in different ways and realign them to work for you and help you in your career and future. This amazing Golden chance to rid yourself of blocks, toxic thoughts and bad self talk to  improve almost all areas of your life - £4,240.



Contact Piers to discuss the best option for you.